Music Videos - 2016 & 2017

Vitalic / Waiting for the stars feat. David Shaw and The Beat

We went exploring the galaxy with Charlie Le Mindu, looking for elements that, added together, might give life to these shiny creatures made up of particles of glitter.
Then we simply observed their chaotic cosmic ballet, until they ended up being aligned, and thus, finding their spot in the universe.


Directed by David Hugonot Petit (VGRD)
Art Director : Charlie Le Mindu
Starring : Crazy Glitter Horse
Producer : DHP
Production Director : Alliocha Madeuf
DoP : Jean-Eudes Auboin
Camera Assistant : Maelenn Dujardin
Mapping Operator : Him TV
Gaffer : Olivier Garin
Spark : Raphaël Jamot
Key Grip : Jeff Dubut
Grip : Alexis Lavergne
Production designer : Guillaume Moretto
MUA : Melissa Biard
Backstage : Nicolas Demare
Editor & VFX : Gautier H. (VGRD)

Let's observe the chrysalis of a young man turning into a creature of the night, revealing his deep self as the day goes by.

Tu conmigo, Yo contigo.

Directed by Vangard

For Vitalic

Starring : Ritchy Cobral De La Vega

Featuring : Stephania Matteagi, Andres Campo

Producer : DHP

Production Director : Dorothée Perez

Prod Exe Barcelona : Skills (Eighty 4)

Producer Barcelona : Nicolas Janot

Production coordinator : Rola Ramadan

DoP : Simon Favier

Assistant Cam Focus Puller : Damien Girault

Movi Pro : Daniel Vergara

Makeup : Luna Rodriguez

Hair : Mechi Velasques

Stylist : Paula Ventura

Runner : Vincent Janot

Props Master : Thomas Saucedo

Sound Design : Studio 31DB (Arsène Lefrançois)

Editor & VFX : DLP & Gautier H. 

Vitalic / Voyager album 2017 / Press kit visuals

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Vangard Paris
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