"Entropy is the tendency to chaos.
The initial order will become disorder.
For a human being or a civilization, Entropy is programmed death. "
Through these definitions extracted from the concept of Entropy, this film in three chapters attempts to illustrate the fact that contrary tendencies that inhabit us will inevitably lead us to a programmed end.
The first and second chapters account for these opposing and yet similar tendencies. The third chapter expresses this inevitable chaos.
In short, we want to have an organic apple in one hand and the latest technological product in the other.
This paradox, far from being the sign of a sad resignation, is the starting point of the acceptance of an inevitable process that should not prevent us from living fully but on the contrary should give us the desire to balance our way of doing things to delay this inevitable process.


Directed by Vangard
Starring : Lea Vlamos, Nicolas Rouyé
Production : DHP / FRENCH KISS
Executive Producers : David Hugonot Petit, Alice Baldo & Julien Mata
Production Director : Dorothée Perez, Aurelie Lassour, Alice Baldo
Line Producer :  Nina Barotin, Ines Jallet
Director of photography : Jean-Eudes Auboin 
Cinematographer : Simon Favier
DoP Spe Travelling : Julien Mata
Editor & VFX : Lionel Dourt & Gautier H. (VGRD)
Color Grader : Bend the color (Raphael Kourilsky)
Sound Design & Mastering : Studio 31DB (Arsène Lefrançois)


1st Assistant Camera : Maelenn Dujardin, Brendan François / 2nd Assistant Camera : Arthur hoche, Antoine Plastre / Gaffer : Nicolas Premoli / Best Boy : Nicolas Demarre / Sparks : Clément Axel Manes, Sophie Bernard, Mathieu Gastou, Clément Allain, Karina Ateza, Enzo Pianetti / Key grip : Jordan Borg / Tech Shotover : Richard Ferrari / RS4 Travelling car & Buggy RZR Cam : French Kiss Production / Black Unicorn : Patrick Bruneton & Mickael Coutan / Racing Pilot : Julien Bourguignon / Drone Operator : Stephane Cardusi / FX Supervisor : Lionel Dourt / Location Manager : Alice Baldo / Runner : Tristan Sanchez, Mathieu Espinoza / Runner (Les Angles) : Yohan Ferrand, Joan Baudichon / Extras Manager : Nina Barotin / Script : Ines Jallet / Backstage : Zoé Sabathé / Set designer : Mathieu Amilien / Catering : Diana Baldo / Stylists (team Paris) :Thomas Fishelson, Yordane Weingarten / Stylist (team MPL) :Alexandra Dusewart / Assistant Stylist (team MPL) : Sibeal Gordon, Léa Schabo / 1st MUA - Hairstylist : Audrey Loy / MUA Assistant : Ecole Metamorphoses Occitanie / Hairstylist (team MPL) : Serena Galati / Sound Enginer : Pablo Gregorio Venegas / Sound recordist : Carlos Cuevas / Wolf Trainer : Frederic Louvel / Choregraph & Dancer : Shane Anastasio.

Jade Debaëne, Rémi Gutton, Isaïe Jourdain, Martin Hadrien, Tilki Myriam, Lebrun Margaux, Alice Salmon, Florian Marek, Clement Radouan, Simon Fabre, Cedric Barrial, Mandy Crespy, Sacha Guenanff, Alexandra Ricci, Lara Quesnel, Tarik Mouzaoui, Martin Guy, Klest Pango, Lea Moris, Johan Laure, Emily Vandekerkhove, Margo LjisselL, Alexandre Kuseni, Charlotte Poncin, Fatima Jabbarri, Marie Faou, Salem Mouhajir, Solene Vion, Florent Bouffard Vercelli, Matthieu Espinoza, Yordane Weingarten.


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